Monday, 1 October 2012

Writing Reflection #3

Writing Reflection

Writing six word memoirs for me went pretty good.  I really liked writing them because you could write about whatever you wanted to.  I chose to stay in the classroom to start writing my memoirs because I thought I would concentrate better.  I did concentrate well, and I got most of the categories completed.  I really like this kind of writing because I think it’s pretty easy.  I like being able to write about anything I want.  The only part that I found a little bit difficult is connecting an original picture to my text.  While writing the text, I had to keep in mind what pictures I already had as well as what pictures I could take.  Although it doesn’t seem very hard, it can be a little bit when you want pictures of your friends in the past for example.  Throughout writing these, I learned that I really enjoy writing short forms are writing.  On top of that writing about my own life and own experiences is a lot more interesting to me than making up a story.  In the end I definitely think that the hardest part was getting a picture to go with the text.  After that was done, it was definitely rewarding to see the whole thing completed. 

Blogging is going pretty good for me.  The hardest part though is finding the time to add more personal additions.  I am on 2 cheerleading team that take up almost 10 hours a week and I also have 2 jobs.  Because of this it is a little hard to find the time to be adding personal things but I will hopefully be able to change that.  I hope to see my blog develop a lot more for this upcoming week.  For this week I plan on adding a personal addition every 2nd day, so that I can catch up.  The most rewarding part for me so far has been seeing my blog develop and become all about me.  I also like how all of my projects for this class are put on here.  It helps keep me organized and helps me stay on top of handing in my assignments.

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