Monday, 15 October 2012

Writing Reflection #4

Writing Reflection #4 

The Six word memoirs, in my opinion were a really good assignment. I really enjoyed making them, and I thought they they all turned out pretty good. I thought that it was a a good project because it wasn't super easy but also wasn't very hard. The whole concept of putting words together with a picture to tell a story is pretty simple. The hard part is the use of only six words! You have to chose your six words very carefully, because you want it to be clear but still detailed.

I learnt a lot about this micro form of writing. First of all I learnt that you can tell a story with only 6 words. It almost seems impossible, but when you add the picture it adds a lot more detail. I also learnt that I really enjoyed making these. I thought it was really fun!

As I was doing this project, I learnt that I enjoyed making the visual better than writing the 6 words. Even though I also enjoyed creating the 6 words, I have always like taking pictures and editing them. Because of that, I liked editing the pictures the best!
While doing this project, I have learnt that I enjoy incorporating visuals with my text. I think that it helps me explain what I am writing about. I really like how this course has helped me figure out what kind of writing I like best. I am really enjoying this creative writing class, and all of the projects that we have been doing.

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