Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Six Word Memoir #1

This is my the first 6 word memoir that I made.  I thought that I would do this idea because it represents my family and my life.  I have 3 brothers and all of them are younger then me.  I used to really want a sister when I was younger and every time was disappointed with a brother.  Now I am happy that I have 3 brothers because I think it's really interesting  and I never really get into fights with them!  I love it! they are all different and I get along pretty well with all of them.  To me having a big family is great! there is always so  much to do and always people to spend time with.  I would hate to be an only child because it seems really lonely.  In the end I think that this 6 word memoir really describes my life and thats why i chose it.

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