Monday, 29 October 2012

Reading Reflection 7

Reading Reflection #7

This week I managed to get a lot of reading done. I get Mondays and Fridays of reading in my other English class as well as another period of reading in this creative writing course. This has given me time to finish my second book this school year. It may not seem like a lot of reading for some people, but as I said, I've never really been much of a reader.

An Abundance of Katherines
John Green
(end of book)

So this week I was able to Finish An Abundance of Katherines.  I really enjoyed the book.  In my opinion the beginning went a little slow for me and I wasn't really into it, but once I started to understand the characters and really get into it, I couldn't but the book down.  I really like the whole story of this novel.  It's crazy to think that even for someone who is so smart and thinks they know what they want to do with their life, could always change there mind.  Colin thought he only liked Katherines, until he met Lindsey.  I really like how somehow like Lindsey, a girl you struggled to find herself could help a guy like Colin realise that being known isn't everything.  They both learn together that you have to be yourself and not try to impress others.  In the end I really enjoyed the book.  All the events that took place were interesting.  I could relate to what the characters were going through because they were all about the same age as me.  I personally think it would be awesome to go for a road trip with my friends and have an adventure.  Well see what happens.

Something Borrowed
Emily Griffin
Pages 1 - 37

This week I also started a new book.  Even though I am just starting the book, so far I really enjoy it.  There hasn't really been much that I can relate to so far besides one thing.  Rachel has always been wondering about her future.  She seems to always be thinking ahead and wondering what it is going to be like.  I am kind of like that in a way.  I always wonder what I am going to be like when I'm older, where I'm going to live and who my friends are going to be.  So we have that in common.  I am sure I will find a lot more connections between me and the book once I read a little bit more. 

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