Monday, 1 October 2012

Reading Reflection #4

Reading Reflection #4
An Abundance of Katherines
John Green
Pg. 1-37

Last Friday, I started to read a new book.  The book that I picked is called An Abundance of Katherines.  This book is written my John Green, the author if the novel that I just finished reading.  I picked this book because I really like the way that John Green writes.  In my opinion, his books are very easy to read, and interesting.  I like how in both of the books, the main characters have been around my age and in both situations, I can relate to them in some way. 

My first question that I have for this book, is why Colin is obsessed with girls witht the name of katherine.  He doesn't seem to be interested in any other girls.  I don't understand this because first of all it is just a name, and a name doens't define who you are.  Perhaps in his head, he thinks that all Katherines are the same, but if this is true, he probably shouldn't still be looking for another one because it clearly hasn't worked out and he has had 17 chances so far.  So hopefully, with reading more I will find out what is so special about the name katherine and hopefully he will realize that a name shouldn't make a difference.

So far I have already seen connections with myself to the main character, Colin.  First of all Colin just graduated from Highschool, and I will be graduationg this year.  On top of that he is most likely going to go to university, which is something that I plan on doing also.  Those are the two main connections that I have with the main character. 

In the end, I am interested in this book so far, and I think that I will enjoy it.  Hopefully I can find more connections with the book to myself because this always makes the reading more interesting for me.


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  2. I too love John Green, if you haven't already done so I really reccomend looking him up on youtube. He has some great video blogs!