Thursday, 4 October 2012

Personal Addition #3

Photo Credit : Missy Levasseur
This is anther personal addition that I decided to add.  This is a picture that i took of a flower in the summer.  Although I really like all seasons, I'd have to say that summer is my favourite.  There is so  much to do in the summer and I love spending time outside!  I think that summer is also so pretty!  the grass is nice and green and there are a lot of flowers.  I love how it is nice and sunny!  So seeing summer go is kind of sad! Hopefully this winter won't be very cold!  So anyways, I thought I would share one of my pictures and explain why I love summer so much!


  1. This is a beautiful picture and it really caught my eye! Is there anything you like to do in the summer that helps to make it so special? Also, are you in photogrophy? You seem to have a good eye for a picture that manages to include many beauties of the season so well. Good job!

    1. Thank you!! I just really like summer because I have a lot more time. The school year is really busy for me to manage all of my homework. On top og that I am on two cheerleading teams and I have 2 jobs. The summer gives me time to relax. I also really like the weather. I love the sunand spendning time outisde. I have a pool and I spend pretty me every day swimming. I used to be in photography, but last year it didn't fit into my timetable so I had to drop out of it. I still really enjoy taking pictures and I will hopefully post more soon!