Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Reading Reflection #3

Reading Reflection #3
The Fault in our Stars
John Green
Pg. 160-313

This week’s reading went very well.  I was able to finish The Fault in our Stars.  For me, this is pretty good considering I’ve never really been much of a reader.  I really enjoyed the book.  Like the cover said, the book is both funny and sad at the same time.  You wouldn’t think that a book could actually be funny and sad, but it definitely was.  I would recommend reading this book to pretty much anyone.  It is an easy book to read and you get into it pretty quickly.  There isn’t much that you need to think about or figure out while reading this book, which made reading it easy and enjoyable. 

Throughout the book, I was really able to see the characters change throughout the story.  Hazel was definitely the character that changed the most.  She went from being a sad teenage girl who didn’t care about life or dying, to a happy person who cared about other as well as herself.  I believe that she changed because of Augustus.  He really helped her grow during the story.  Hazel was never really someone who wanted to get out and do things; she enjoyed staying at home watching TV.  After she met Augustus, this changed completely.  She now enjoyed her days, spending time with either him or Isaac. 

The title of the novel is The Fault in Our Stars.  To me, this title explains the story very well.  I believe that the fault in the stars is represented by all the bad things that happen to people for no reason.  Why do some people get cancer while others live a healthy life?  What determines who gets what?  The title is proving that nobody’s life can be perfect.  It shows us that no matter how good of a person you are, like Augustus for example, there’s still always a chance that something can go wrong; the fault.  It kind of sucks if you think about it, but it is completely true in reality.  There’s no explanation for it.  In the end when I put it all together I believe that the fault is representing in the case of the story the cancer to all of the teenagers, and the stars are representing everyone.  

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