Wednesday, 19 September 2012


This is a picture of my cheerleading team, at the Canadian Nationals Cheerleading Competition in Niagara Falls last year.  I am posting this picture on my blog because cheerleading is my favourite sport.  There are so  many aspects of cheerleading that make it such a great sport.  First of all its a combination of dancing, gymnastics and stunting.  On top of that cheerleading is a great team sport.  You need every single team member to be at practises and competitions in order for it to go as planned.  Currently I am on two cheerleading teams.  I am on the senior team as well as the open team!  Practises for both teams together end up being close to ten hours a week.  I love every minute of it!  I hope to continue cheerleading for the years to come and maybe make the university cheerleading team. 


  1. Are you thinking of leaving the city to do this? Is it something you want to do proffesionally or just as a pass time? I personally have never really had experience with this sport but it has always looked like a lot of fun. I do love how you put that everyone has to be there at all times for it to go as planned.

    1. No my plan is to cheerlead with the University of Manitoba next year. It's more of a past time for me. There aren't really any oppertunities to do this proffesionally in Winnipeg. And yes the sport is great. All of my friends tell me that cheerleaders are people the most obsessed with their sport. I love it so much! Everyone who tries it falls in love with it.

  2. I've noticed that there seems to be a movement away from school based cheer teams, into club teams. Why do yo think this is? Why do you like belonging to a club team?

  3. Yes for sure!! I used to cheerlead on my middle school cheerleading team for 3 years. When i came to highschool there seemed to be some oppertunities for club teams. I switched over to them becuase I wanted to do a higher level than a school based team, and also the rules are a little bit different. Winnipeg is finally catching up to the rest of the cheerleading world. The United states has so many club cheerleading teams. It is way more competitive than High School cheerleading. On top of that we do not cheer for any other sport. Most high school teams will be at the football games cheerleading where as the club team is focused more on their own competitions. Last year i went to Canadian Nationals in Niagara Falls as well as the largest cheerleading competition in the world, Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta Georgia. Both were really good experiences. But I definately think the people who love the sport are switching over to club teams!