Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Reading Reflection #2

Reading Reflection #2
The Fault in our Stars
John Green
Pg. 51-160

While reading this novel, I have started to like certain characters more than others.  So far Augustus is my favourite character in the book.  There are many reasons that make him stand out more than other characters.  First of all, I see Augustus as a very genuine person.  He shows this trait many times throughout the novel.  An example that proves this is that he has never lied about anything to Hazel.  Whenever she asks a question, he answers it truthfully.  Another example that proves that Augustus is genuine is how he gives his wish to Hazel.  He only had one wish and he decided to use it to benefit Hazel’s life, not his own.  I think that is a crazy thing to do considering she used her wish without giving much thought to it and going to Disney Land.  Another great thing about Augustus is that treats Hazel with a lot of respect.  He doesn’t look at her like a regular cancer patient, but a 16 year old girl instead.  Another comment that I have about Augustus is that he is very strong.  This is shown many times as well.  First of all I think that the fact that he puts a cigarette in his mouth without lighting it shows his strength.  He explains that he is holding the thing that could potentially kill him right in his mouth.  This shows us that he is strong minded. 

Hazel is also one of my favourite characters throughout the novel.  I think that she is an amazing person.  Hazel is also a very strong person just like Augustus.  This could be the reasoning behind why they get along so well.  Hazel demonstrates her strength throughout her fight with cancer.  Hazel has been to the hospital countless times, has stopped breathing, and her life has changed completely from the average 16 year old girl.  Throughout all of this Hazel manages to fight to live.  Not only that but I also believe that Hazel is very competitive.  This characteristic is shown at the support group.  Hazel wants to prove to everyone that she is doing okay and feeling good even when she is not.  Instead of using the elevator, Hazel decides to take the stairs along with carrying her air tank.  I also see Hazel as a stubborn person.  Although being stubborn isn’t always known to be a good thing, Hazel demonstrates it in a positive way.  An example is that she is certain that she will make it to Amsterdam to meet her favourite writer.

One of my least favourite characters at this point in the novel is Isaac.  I feel really bad for Isaac and everything but I think that he should try to see things from other people’s point of view.  Ii understand that Isaac is sad about his girlfriend breaking up with him but he should definitely look at it in her shoes.  She is only a young her herself, and needing to take care of a blind boyfriend would be very complicated.  This is a sad situation but I think that Isaac almost feels too sorry for himself and thinks that he has it the worst.

During my reading, I have also been able to make a few connections including to myself and to the world.  The first connection that I found was when Hazel was reading people wall posts on Facebook for a girl who past away from cancer.  I made a connection to myself because recently there have been a few people my age that have past away.  I read all of the wall posts and I feel like I understood exactly what Hazel felt when she was reading them.  It is very sad to read all of the posts.  The other connection that I found was a text to world connection.  In the book Hazel and Augustus both talk about the Cancer Wish Foundation.  This reminded me of the Children’s Wish Foundation that grants wishes for sick kids. 

In conclusion, I feel as if I understand the characters better than I did before.  I have been able to see what there characteristics are and how they play a part in the novel.  On top of that, I have also been able to make a few connections with the book and myself as well as the world. 

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  1. A great reflection! I have a few questions for you:
    - What does the title of the book mean?
    - How does the title of the book fit into the plot?
    - In your opinion, which character was seen the most growth/change as the book progresses? What cauues this change?