Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Writing Reflection #8

Newspaper Blackout Poetry

The newspaper blackout poetry in my opinion was a new and interesting way to write.  I have never done anything like it.  I did enjoy doing it but I also found it a little bit hard.  I haven't posted mine on my blog yet, but I think I will as soon as I can.  The reason that I found this way of writing a little bit challenging is trying not to copy the article that was already written.  It was hard to try to use the words without that same idea.  In the end, I decided not to read the article first, which made it a little bit easier.  On top of that It was also a little hard when you couldn't find a word that would make the most sense.  In some cases i just used letters to make the word but other times i just decieded to try and find another word that would work.
There were also good things about doing this assignment though.  It taught me how to write with only some words being available to you.  I learned to replace the words that I wanted to use with ones that would still make sense but that were different.  In a way it changed my writing.  Usually my writing is pretty simple, but these turned out to be a little bit for descriptive.
I also learned a few things about myself as a writer.  First of all, I have enjoyed all of the different ways we have written so far in this course.  I really enjoy learning new ways to write, they will help me in the future for sure!! In the end, I hope to learn even more ways of writing!

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