Monday, 19 November 2012

Twitter Fiction - Writing Reflection

Twitter Fiction

The past few days, I have been trying to figure out a good idea for what I should write my twitter fiction story about.  For me, coming up with an idea of what to write about is the hardest part.  I finally thought of a good idea to write about.  I'm not going to share this idea because I think that you should read it when it is all finished.  I have only written a few tweets so far.  Even though this doesn't seem like I have done much, lots of the planning I do is in my head and I pretty much have my whole story figured out.  Now the next step for me would be trying to get it into 140 character tweets.  This shouldn't be too hard, but clearly there will be a few challenges along the way.  I decided that I will write only one story for all 30 tweets.  My reasoning for this is because it is hard for me to come up with a bunch of different ideas.  I like to come up with one good story idea and write a lot about it.  Because of this, I am writing a long twitter fiction story.  On top of all that, we have a few elements that we need to include into our stories such as pictures and also character descriptions.  I have thought of ways to do both.  At the beginning of my story I plan on have at least a tweet or two just describing my main character.  For the pictures, I also have an idea in mind.  The setting of my story is the ocean/beach type setting.  I plan to incorporate a few nice pictures of beaches.  I feel like pictures of the setting will help the reader relate and be into the story even better.  In the end, My twitter fiction will probably need a few more days to finish up.  I have to get the rest of my ideas written down and then edit it.  I am enjoying this project a lot and hopefully it continues to go well.  I will post a picture of my rough draft once I get a few more ideas written down on it. 

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