Wednesday, 14 November 2012

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Cheer Extreme

Over the years, I have watched so many cheerleading videos.  Youtube has thousands of them.  There is one team in particular that I really enjoy watching.  The team is called Cheer Extreme.  This is one of the best cheerleading teams in the world.  Over the past few 3 years, they have won Worlds 2 times!!  In 2010 they won, and also last year for the 2012 competition.  The Cheer extreme routines in my opinion are the best.  They always have amazing pyramids to watch.  Some of the most famous cheerleaders are on this team.  Last year in Atlanta I was able to meet one of them.  Her name is Erica Englebert.  She has a lot of videos on the internet of her cheerleading and I have been watching  videos of her for years now and she just keeps getting better.  It was very exciting to get to meet her and get a picture with her last year!  She is definately one of my role models with cheerleading. 
Last weekend was Cheer Extreme's Showcase.  This is the first time their routine is open for the public to see.  The Senior Elite routine is by far my favourite.  This is a large senior all girl level five team.  It is by far the most intense and crazy routine I have seen so far. 

This is the video of their routine this year. 

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  1. That was insane. A backwards run into a tumbling pass? And stunt with so many flyers I couldn't figure out who threw them or caught them? I'm impresssed!