Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Personal Addition

Both of these pictures are my old cheerleading teams. I used to cheer with the middle school, Golden Gate Cheer team, and also with a different club team called aerials elite cheer.  The top picture was in grade 7 and the bottom was in grade 9.  There are 4 different positions while stunting.  The flyer (on top) the two bases (on either side under the flyer), the third (behind the Flyer), and the front third (infront of the flyer).  A front third is not required, but if needed it is good for extra help.  In both of these pictures I am the flyer.  Usually the flyer is the most flexible person.  I do  not fly anymore because I got really tall.  Now I third!  I have done all 4 positions, and I love them all!

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