Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Weekly Reflection #6

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The first comment that I posted was on Victorias Blog.  The reason I posted on her blog was because I sit behind her in class and I always find that she is writing books.  I thought it seemed interesting, so I decided to go and check it.  I found that she really enjoys writing and seems to be pretty good at it.  The question I asked her was if she ever planned to publish any of her books.

The next comment that I left was on Carol's blog.  I decided to comment on her rambling autobiography.  I really liked it, and I thought that it was well done.  I commented mostly asking about how she is enjoying her trip here in Canada.  I think it is very cool and brave to have come to a different country all b y herself!

The  last comment that I left was on Christie's blog.  The reason I posted on her blog was because she left a comment on mine, so I thought I would go and visit hers as well.  I was looking on her blog and noticed a story that she posted.  She wrote this story herself.  In my opinion, it was a really good story.  SHe clearly put time into writing it and I wanted to tell her that she did a very good job.  I also asked her if she was planning on maybe writing a full book and getting it published.  I think that it would be awesome if my classmates published books!

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