Thursday, 24 January 2013

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

Twitter Fiction, from a writers perspective:
For me, writing twitter fiction wasn't my favourite assignment.  The reason I think this is because it is hard for me to come up with ideas for stories to write about.  With that being said it is also more difficult to be able to tell stories in a 140 character limit.  I think that if I was a stronger writer that this assignment could have been easier for me.  With that being said, writing this was a nice challenge for me.  It forced me to come up with an idea to write a story about and it was a new way of writing.  In the end I like the idea of having a new way of telling a story but writing isn't one of my best abilities therefor i found it to be a little bit challenging.

Twitter Fiction, from a readers perspective:
I really enjoyed reading twitter fiction stories.  I found a of of them very interesting.  My favourite story was by far the one that we read in class about the boy on the train and the mystery about his dad.  I found that using twitter fiction almost made the story more suspenseful.  In the end, I found that i really enjoy reading twitter fictions because of the suspense that they give you, and you never want to stop reading them because you always want to know what is going to happen next.

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