Saturday, 12 January 2013

Reading and Writing Reflection #10

In my opinion, the twitter fiction was one of the harder assignments that we have done so far this semester.  I do like the idea of it, but coming up with stories has never been very easy for me to do.  I guess I wouldn't say that the whole thing was difficult.  In my opinion it wasn't very hard to make tweets with only 140 characters.  I liked this aspect of the twitter fiction.  The other things that I found a little bit more difficult in this assignment was trying to come up with pictures for certain tweets.  I like the idea of it, and it would help the reader better understand and visualise what is going on in the story, but on top of that it is hard to find that perfect picture.  In the end, I did get pictures that worked very well, it just took a little bit of time to find them.  While writing my twitter fiction, I learned that as a writer, for me it was hard to come up with an idea to write about.  I probably thought of 20 before I decided on one that I liked.  Once I have the idea, the writing is very easy for me.  I thought publishing it to twitter was actually fun.  This made our work available to anyone who wanted to read it.  With this being said it is also a little bit scary to see how people react to what you have written. 

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