Monday, 21 January 2013

Bucket List

List of things I want to do before I die.

1-Go skydiving
2-Swim with dolphins
3-Meet an NHL player
4-Go to Australia
5-Go in a shark cage in the ocean
6-Go on a cruise
7-Go watch the cheerleading worlds
8-Be a part of the audience on a talkshow
9-Learn a roundoff backhandspring layout
10-Go in a hot air balloon
11-Learn how to snsowboard
12-Buy a puppy
13-Have a pet monkey
14-Go to Las Vegas
15-Visit the underground beach
16-Volunteer at an animal shelter
17-Meet a famous actor/actress
18-Go on a trip with an unknown destination
19-Play hide and seek in Ikea
20-Go on the worlds biggest roller coaster
21-Graduate from University
22-Visit every continent
23-Run a full marathon
24-Crowd surf
25-Go camping in the wild (nothing electric)
26-Adopt an animal from the animal shelter
27-Be an extra in a movie
28-ride a gondola in Venice
29-Walk across the Simpson desert in Australia.
30-Ride a unicycle.
31-Go water skiing
32-Learn to play golf.
33-Go horseback riding along the beach.
34-Go snowboarding.
35-Swim in all of the Great Lakes.
36-Learn to say "hello" in 50 languages.
37-Scuba dive in the Barrier Reef (Australia).
38-Learn to surf.
39-Go Fire Walking
40- Have a food fight.
41- Watch the ball drop on times square.
42- Go on a road trip with no destination.
43- Stay up all night to watch the sun rise.
44- Have a huge water balloon fight.
45-spend a whole day baking
46- Carve my name into a tree.
47-Take a photo every day.
48- Pay for something entirely with pennies.
49-Visit every state in the United States
50-Perform a kind deed strangers without expecting anything in return
51-Buy someones Groceries
52-Play poker in Vegas
53-Learn how to play the harmonica
54-Make the Team Canada Cheerleading team
55-Buy a house
56-Collect old coins
57-Get a six pack
58-Throw a dart on a map and travel there
59-Invent something that makes me rich
60-Win the lottery
62-Spend a winter in Hawaii
63-Learn how to Wake board
64-Capture lightning in a picture
65-Meet one of the investors from Dragons Den
66-Spend July 4th in the USA
67-Blow the worlds Biggest Bubble
68-Work at a job that I love
69-Learn how to speak double dutch
70-Dye my hair a cool colour
71-Buy a house
72-Get married
73-Read a series of books
74-Have a house in a tropical place
75-Jump off my house into my pool
76-Buy an iphone
77-Go to a party with celebrities
78-Hold a huge snake
79-Start eating healthier
80-Fly a plane
81-Ride in a helicopter
82-Compete in a triathalon
83-Design a logo for an big company
84-Go to the olympics
85-Walk on a tight rope
86-Ride a Camel
87-Ride in a train
88-Own an expensive car
89-Have my own cottage
90-Climb a mountain
91-Race against an olympic runner
92-Send a message in a bottle
93-Watch a movie being filmed
94-Be friends with a famous actor/singer

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